Our Mission

Quality first.

What we do

We minimize losses

Chop Chop is a vertically integrated manufacturing company heavily involved in recycling raw materials. Given our mission to adopt a sustainable business model based on quality and environmentally friendly products, Chop Chop started to make their own ecological briquettes. The briquettes are entirely made out of the by-product that result from the raw material used by Chop Chop to manufacture its other products.

We plant more trees than we use

Being aware of environmental issues and sensible to the increasing need for a sustainable wood industry, it was obvious within the company that we wanted to play a meaningful role in addressing these issues. This is why we are proud to be associated with the ONE TREE PLANTED organization.

We are committed to give back to the environment. This is why we are planting a tree for every product sold.

We work with suppliers that are Eco responsible 

All our suppliers are FSC certified. The FSC certification ensures that the certified products from our partners come from forests that are managed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Because the health of our planet matters