How to maintain a wood cutting board

How to maintain a wood cutting board

Did you know that Chop Chop boards are meant to last for a lifetime?

To maintain its good condition and its full effectiveness, you should clean it after each use and oil it at least twice a month.

To clean it :

1. Clean your board using a wet sponge/towel with a small amount of dish soap.

2. Wipe the board with a dish towel and stand to dry.

To oil it

1. Apply mineral oil using a dry sponge/towel.

2. Remove excess and stand to dry.

Note on mineral oil : Mineral oil is an odorless and food safe oil. It revitalizes the wood and prevents any breakage and dryness.

Little habits to avoid in order to keep your wooden boards as long as possible!

*Avoid cutting in the same spot on your board.

*Avoid putting any kind of hot objects on the surface.

*Avoid letting liquids sit on the board for too long.

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