Guide to choosing the right cutting board for a gift

Guide to choosing the right cutting board for a gift

Hardwood cutting boards are excellent gifts to offer. Thanks to their durability, their multiple uses and their slightly more expensive price. At Chop Chop we have very wide price ranges, encompassing quality products for all budgets. By their quality and their multiple ways to use them, they will be adored and appreciated by the receiver of them every time!

Whether for a birthday gift, a hostess gift, housewarming, mother's day, father's day, wedding, etc., Chop Chop includes product lines for all tastes and all budgets!


For the cook

All chefs deserve to have a good quality cutting board to accomplish their daily tasks. Our boards with stabilizers are the perfect boards to cut food on a stable station without mess.

Edge grain boards are not only classy, they are known for being the standing grain number 1 choice for butcher blocks. The direction of the grain will tend to damage the knives less quickly.

The juice groove is the accessory of choice for cutting juicier foods, since it retains liquids and keeps the workstation cleaner.

For the host by excellence

What's better than being able to receive friends or family with the necessary accessories to be able to accomplish everything? Our wide selection of serving boards will satisfy more than one!

By their versatility and functions, they can be used so many times to cut, present and even decorate the kitchen!

They are ideal and designed to present cheese platters, small appetizers, bread, cold cuts, desserts, fruit platters, lunches, etc.

For the new home

What could be better than having a brand new kitchen and receiving a beautiful solid wood cutting board to decorate it with?

Our cutting boards from our Deluxe, Premium and Professional ranges are all ideal for decorating the kitchen and dressing the counter with a formidable and quality accessory. 

The wood will add a touch of finesse and luxury to the kitchen. Depending on the colors of the cabinet doors, the paint, the floor and the decoration choices upstairs, our three plank species are colors that can dress up any decor!


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